Current Projects

Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR):

  •  Time and Travel Burden on patients and caregivers related to cancer therapy (2015-2016)
  •  Geographic disparities in supportive cancer care (2015-2016)
  •  Travel burden related to hyperlipidemia treatment (2015-2016)
  •  Financial Impact Studies of the ESRD PPS Payment Re-basing and Annual Updates (2013-5)
  •  Cost and Quality Benchmarking Studies and Reports (Various) (2013-5)
  •  The Financial Effects of Case Mix Coding Variance on ESRD PPS Payments (2013-5)
  •  Budget Impact Models for Switching Anemia Management Drugs (2013-4)
  •  Geographic Feasibility Study for Participation in ESRD Seamless Care Organizations (2013)
  •  A Study of Dialysis Center Efficiency (2012)
  •  An Economic Modeling Study of US Dialysis Transportation Costs (2012)
  • The PPS:  A Reality Check.  A study of the potential effects of the PPS on SDOs.  (2009 – 2012)

Database and Reporting Projects:

  • ESA Dosage and Hemoglobin Trend Reporting Tools for Dialysis Organizations (2013-2016)
  • Feasibility study and prototype for a Standardized Mortality Rate tracking system (2014)
  • Development of a Five-Year Cost and Outcomes Database for U.S. Dialysis Facilities (2013-4)
  • Development of an ESRD Provider Data Warehouse (2012-16 ongoing)
  • Development of Custom ESRD Provider Data Marts (2012-14 ongoing)
  • Development of a Combined ESRD Provider Cost Reports / Dialysis Facility Reports Database, with a custom data extract tool (2012)

Literature Reviews and Secondary Research:

  • Evidence Review in support of reimbursement submission for an an acellular biologic matrix for hernia and breast repair (2015)
  • Research reimbursement pathways in the US for top-tier biologics for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (2015)
  • Updates to a Global Value Dossier for a Multiple Sclerosis therapy (2014)
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and ESRD: Literature Review (2012-13)
  •  Anemia Management Trends in Hospital-based Dialysis Centers (2012)
  •  Transportation Costs in Dialysis: A Literature Review (2011)

ESRD Data Warehouse