Who We Are

Mark Stephens.  Principal/Owner.  Mr. Stephens is the founder of Prima Health Analytics and has 30 years of experience in healthcare project management and research in the fields of actuarial and financial modeling and analysis, systems and database development, provider report and tool development, and research dissemination to industry and academic audiences. Formerly the Director of Actuarial Research at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, he has been working in chronic disease research since 2009, primarily focused on evidence generation and dissemination activities in support of value propositions, marketing and reimbursement strategies for new and existing biologic therapies. A secondary focus is on cost and value benchmarking for health provider operations and analysis of health payment policy and its impacts on providers.

Depending on project scope and content, Mr. Stephens works with a small network of trusted collaborators on a project-by-project basis, utilizing the unique skills and background of each to augment the project team. Skill sets that this flexible team bring to the table include health economics, applications programming, medical writing, and survey research backgrounds. Our recent project collaborators include: