Data Marts

  • Data Marts are subsets of the data from the DW, focused on particular client needs. Prima Health Analytics deploys customized DMs from the DW tailored to the client.

  • The DM’s focus and simplicity promise the rapid deployment of decision support capability with a quick return on investment demanded by the pace of modern business. Because they are scalable, the DM concept works well for organizations of any size and level of complexity.

data warehouse


Ideal Data Structure

This diagram shows the ideal data structure for linking data across sources at the dialysis facility level. Each source file has a record for each facility, and the source file formats remain consistent over time. Fitting the pieces together for reporting and analysis is very easy using simple tools like Excel.


Facility XYZ copy


Actual Data Structure

In reality,  provider numbering is inconsistent across sources, data file content and formats change from year to year, and there are missing data and inconsistencies in data values. Fitting the pieces together requires in-depth content knowledge of the data structures, numbering schemes,  variable definitions, and data quality pitfalls. Data joins are multivariate complex.

Facility ABC

How Can This Support My Business?


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