What Data are in the Warehouse?

The Data Warehouse contains data about ESRD providers, their patients, and the community in which the provider is located. We have longitudinal data sets on the following categories of ESRD-related statistics and measures (with examples under each category):

  • ESRD Provider Costs, Revenues, and Service Volume, e.g. –

    • Medicare Cost to Payment Ratios

    • FTEs by staff type

    • ESA costs and units

    • Dialysis Treatments by modality

  • Patient Demographics And Characteristics, e.g. –

    • Age, Race, Insurance Status

    • Dialysis Modality

    • Hemoglobin levels

    • Vascular Access Type

    • Average Number of Comorbidities

  • Clinical and Process Outcomes, e.g. –

    • Mortality, Hospitalization and Transplant Ratios

    • Dialysis Adequacy (URR and Kt/V)

    • Transfusions

    • Vaccinations

    • Pre-ESRD treatment

  • Facility Characteristics, e.g. –

    • Firm/Chain Affiliation

    • Urban vs Rural location

    • Profit Status

    • Size (Stations, Patients)

    • Industry Segment (Hospital-based, LDO, Independent, etc.)

  • Population Demographics of Surrounding Community, e.g. –

    • Racial composition

    • Income, Poverty Ratio

    • Minority composition

    • Age distribution

The Data Warehouse is also spatially-enabled, which means that GIS applications are easily supported via geographic “shapefiles” and spatial coordinates, from the census tract level up to national regions.


Where Do The Data Come From?

The primary data sources collected in the Warehouse at this time are:

  • Medicare Hospital and Renal Cost Reports 2004-2017

  • CMS Dialysis Facility Reports: full statistics set for 2006-2018

  • CMS Dialysis Facility Compare Datasets for 2001-2018

  • US Census Bureau 2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, by tract, county, etc.

  • US Census Bureau 2010 Census Demographic Profile 1 Shapefiles (for GIS support)

  • LDO/MDO facility listings from the company websites, as of the most recent quarter

  • Various proprietary mapping tables


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